Adrien GIVRY

3D Programmer

 Character History

  • 1997
    Game started in France
  • 2012 - 2015
    Graduated from a french high school
    (Science degree: Physics, chemistry, maths, engineering and programming)
  • 2015
    Starting an IT Technician course
    (Web, software, network, economy, maths)
  • May 2016
    Software Developer intern at ADCI
    (Development of a radio-identification module for construction)
  • January 2017
    Web Developer intern at Comedia Studio
    (Development and deployment of an extranet website for file sharing)
  • 2017
    Graduated : IT Technician Degree
    (DEC equivalent)
  • Moved to Canada
  • 2017 - 2019
    Starting an Engine Programming course at ISART Digital Montréal
    (AEC in 2 years)
  • Feb. 2018 - Apr. 2018
    Gameplay Programmer intern at Broken Blast Bit
    (In charge of the gameplay programming of a PC/Console game in an indie game collective)
  • July 2018
    Engine Programmer intern at Voxel Farm
    (Development of rendering features for a web voxel engine)
  • August 2018
    Mobile Gameplay Programmer intern at APPLOZ
    (Gameplay programming of 2 mobile games for Android and iOS)
  • June 2019
    Graduated : Engine Programming AEC
  • June 2019 - April 2020
    Engine Programmer at Gameloft
    (Working on the in-house game engine)
  • May 2020 - Now
    3D Programmer at Ubisoft
    (Working on Rainbow Six Mobile and Anvil)

Currently working hard 

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TeamworkI like working in team
Code architectureArchitecture is my priority
Memory-managementI love playing with sbrk()
CoffeeProfessionnal coffee drinker

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